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Forged Carbon Fiber Pipes

A forged carbon fiber pipe can also be called a marble carbon fiber composite tube.

There are small forged carbon fiber fabrics and large carbon fiber fabrics to choose from.


There is just a forged surface, and the interior layers are unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg fabrics. If the carbon fiber tubes are made of fully forged carbon fiber fabric, they are not strong.

Forged carbon fiber tubes Glossy finish

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Glossy Finish

Forged carbon fiber tube matt finish

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Matt Finish

forged carbon fiber prepreg

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Small Forged

forged carbon fiber prepreg

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Large Forged


The 100% real carbon fiber composite tubes are made of high-quality carbon fiber fabric and epoxy resin.

Please let us know the dimensions if you need forged carbon fiber pipes, such as

- Length 
- Outside diameter 
- Inside diameter

- Tolerance
- Quantity

- Special requirements

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